Lionel Messi Tipped 10 Youngsters for Greatness in 2015, What Happened to Them?

Mudeet Arora
What happened to the players Messi tipped for greatness back in 2015?
What happened to the players Messi tipped for greatness back in 2015? / Pool/Getty Images

Back in the year 2015, Lionel Messi had selected a list of 10 young footballers who he backed to be the best in the world in the future.

The list that he compiled was part of a campaign with adidas called "Backed by Messi" and the Argentine meastro's choices turned out to be pretty weird.

Well, to start with, the most successful player from the list that Messi picked is Timo Werner. In 2015, Werner was playing for Stuttgart, before he moved to Leipzig and then to Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2020.

Here's the list of 10 youngsters that Messi tipped for greatness in the future and their current clubs:

Timo Werner - currently at Chelsea

Maxwell Cornett - currently at Burnley

James Wilson - currently at Port Vale

Kenedy - currently at Chelsea

Accursio Bentivegna - currently at Juve Stabia

Jeremie Boga - currently at Sassuolo

Rony Lopes - currently at Olympiacos (on loan from Sevilla)

Aleksey Miranchuk - currently at Atalanta

Khiry Shelton - currently at Kansas City

Well, it is safe to say Messi's predictions were pretty good for 2015 but it definitely does not hold true in 2021 considering most of these players' career withered off eventually.