Lionel Messi splashes £3m to build a mansion named 'The Fortress'

Lionel Messi's new house in Rosario
Lionel Messi's new house in Rosario / John Berry/GettyImages

Lionel Messi has splashed £3million to build a new mansion in his home city of Rosario, and the Paris Saint-Germain star could live there permanently when he retires from football.

The huge mansion which has been dubbed 'The Fortress' will be home to Messi and his family when they return to Argentina. The mansion has been build on three adjoining plots of land, and has between 20 and 25 rooms, according to Argentine media.

There is also a home gym, cinema, and a parking garage big enough to hold 15 cars, and part of the property includes an area exclusively for guests to stay.

Argentinian journalist Guido Zaffora, speaking on America TV programme 'Es por ahi' said (via the Daily Mail): "This is the house in Funes near Rosario where Messi did his quarantine that nobody has ever seen.

"He stayed in the house for the first time when he came back to Argentina from Paris for Christmas. It's in the wealthiest part of Rosario in a neighbourhood called Kentucky. They call it The Fortress and you can see why when you take a look at the pictures of it. It's been built on three separate plots of land although it's still not finished and a part of it remains uninhabitable.

"It has between 20 and 25 rooms, a cinema which is more than big enough to fit both Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo's respective families in, a gym, an underground garage with space for 15 cars, a part which is just for guests who have access to the gym and cinema, and a playroom for the children which occupies an entire top floor."

Messi returned to PSG last Wednesday after testing negative for Covid-19 following a quarantine period that started on December 28.