Lionel Messi endears himself to fans after appearing extremely casual on video call at FIFA awards

Messi came second in the FIFA's 'The Best' awards on Monday night
Messi came second in the FIFA's 'The Best' awards on Monday night / John Berry/GettyImages

Lionel Messi appeared on the video call during FIFA's 'The Best' Awards on Monday evening looking extremely casual and footage of that has gone viral on social media.

The Paris Saint-Germain star appeared on the call along with the other nominees, but it hardly seemed like the 34-year-old was at an awards ceremony if his casual demeanour was anything to go by.

Messi was seen wearing a plain white t-shirt, fiddling with his camera, trying to find the best angle. Every other player or coach looked professional and had a proper set-up, but not the Argentine.

And fans were loving Messi's antics during the entire presentation.

Messi missed out on the top spot as he was beaten by Bayern Munich hitman Robert Lewandowski, who scooped the award, second year in a row. He also broke Gerd Muller's 49-year-old record of most goals scored in a single calendar year in the Bundesliga.

The 33-year-old said: "Thank you very much. I am very honoured to win this trophy and feel proud. I know it belongs to my team-mates and coaches. We all work hard to win the games. It is special to work with these guys around me.

"I never dreamed about breaking this record [of Gerd Muller's]. To score 41 in 29 games - if you ask me that a few years ago if it is possible I would tell you it is impossible. I also say to him thank you. He set so many records and to me it was always the next step to try and break it."