Lewandowski thinks it will be hard for Messi to score goals at Ronaldo's age

Mudeet Arora
Lewandowski has questioned Messi's longevity
Lewandowski has questioned Messi's longevity / Pool/GettyImages

Key summary:

1) Lewandowski points out Ronaldo's performances at an age where players fade-off.

2) He compares Messi and Ronaldo's goalscoring, but highlights Messi is a different type of player.

3) He is certain Messi won't be scoring as many goals as Ronaldo when he is three years older than what he is now.

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski has given his opinion on longevity in football citing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in comparison based on age.

The Polish star has been in the mix for big individual awards beside Messi and Ronaldo over the last couple of seasons and has equal respect for both legends.

However, when it comes to longevity, Lewandowski believes Ronaldo has an edge over his eternal rival.

"Cristiano is three and a half years older than me and still scores a lot. But he changed the club, he changed the tactics and his team is not always successful. When his team regains its balance, he can return to score goals. He used to have great numbers, impossible numbers, today they are ‘just’ very good numbers. Probably he won’t score 60 goals in a year anymore, but with 30 and 40 he still makes a difference. The expectations on him are quite different. Messi is a different type of player. At Cristiano’s age it will be more difficult for him to stay at his goalscoring level."

Lewandowski to Polish outlet Pilka Nozna

Messi has not been at his best for Paris Saint-Germain since making his move last summer.

On the other hand, Ronaldo has scored goals for Manchester United, however, the overall position of the club domestically overshadows his contribution on the whole.