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Leandro Paredes Believes Kylian Mbappe is More Like Cristiano Ronaldo than Lionel Messi

Leandro Paredes compared his teammate Kylian Mbappe to Cristiano Ronaldo
Leandro Paredes compared his teammate Kylian Mbappe to Cristiano Ronaldo / Xavier Laine/Getty Images

Leandro Paredes believes his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Kylian Mbappe is more like Cristiano Ronaldo than Lionel Messi.

Mbappe has emerged as one of the best talents in the world today, striking comparisons with two of the best footballers of the last decade - Messi and Ronaldo. And his PSG teammate, Paredes, admitted he is a huge fan of Mbappe's development, and believes he can become the next big thing in football in the next few years.

He told Ole: "As a player, I think he goes more for Cristiano's side, more of an athlete. He is amazing physically. I think Ney and Leo have a different talent than Cristiano and Kylian, but they are physically incredible. And we must add about the quality they have."

Paredes, who is currently playing alongside Messi at Copa America, added that Argentina are learning not to lean quite so heavily on their captain. He explained: "When we had to play several games with Rodri de Paul, we realised that it wasn’t an obligation to look for Leo, but that we should find him when he can take advantage of things.

"I think that while his presence leads you to want to give the ball to him, he isn’t always the best option. He also has to be intelligent in that sense. What is most surprising about Leo though is that sometimes he gets out of situations where we believe that we have to start running backwards. Sometimes you say: 'He loses it, he loses it', and he did not lose it. It's incredible.

"You say to yourself: 'Now we have to start running backwards' because he is locked between three or four defenders and suddenly he comes out with a clean ball. On the pitch you think: 'What did he do?! How did you get out of there?'"

Argentina will play their next Copa America match on May 29 against Bolivia, with Paredes and Messi both expected to start.