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La Liga's €2.7bn Business Deal Could Hamper Lionel Messi's Barcelona Future

Mudeet Arora
Messi's Barcelona future could hinge on La Liga's new deal
Messi's Barcelona future could hinge on La Liga's new deal / Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

FC Barcelona have reportedly been handed a blow in their bid to get an exemption over Lionel Messi's registration from La Liga.

The Catalan giants remain incapable of registering Messi's as well as their new signings' new contracts due to the newly introduced La Liga wage cap.

This is the reason why they have been trying to sell some players and at the same time, asking their remaining players to reduce their wages for next season.

However, with the season just less than two weeks away, Barcelona don't have much time as they have to complete the squad registration in less than four weeks from now.

La Liga supremo Javier Tebas has already informed that Barcelona won't get any form of exemption or preferential treatment from the league over Messi, despite the amount of money he brings in to the league.

However, Barcelona were remaining hopeful that Tebas will eventually give them the exemption before the registration deadline.

But, now their chances of getting any sort of respite might have been permanently damaged as La Liga have confirmed a deal with CVC for 10% of their total business.

In return, CVC have provided La Liga with €2.7 billion for growing the league and it's clubs and to spend on their infrastructure.

This deal comes after €1.17 billion agreement with ESPN to broadcast La Liga in North America over the next 10 years.

Both these deals will go a long way in defining the cash flow in La Liga and eventually benefit all the teams regardless of Barcelona's quest to keep hold of Lionel Messi.