Kevin De Bruyne reveals he would rather win Premier League again than Champions League

By Amreen
Kevin De Bruyne would rather win the Premier League than Champions League
Kevin De Bruyne would rather win the Premier League than Champions League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

Kevin De Bruyne has admitted he would rather win the Premier League again with Manchester City than aim for Champions League glory.

De Bruyne has won the league title three times with City, but the Premier League table toppers are yet to achieve European glory.

However, the Belgian midfielder believes being the best in England over 38 games is a bigger achievement.

"If I have to choose, I would go for the Premier League,' said De Bruyne (via the Mirror). "It shows the consistency of a player and what you have to do across a whole season.

"In the Champions League, you need to be good but at certain times it's more of a lottery compared with the league, which has more games.

"What does legacy mean? Would my personal achievements be bigger if maybe for instance we won the Champions League last year? For me, as a player, no.

"There are legends of the game who haven't won a Champions League. At the end of my career, I won't be looking back at what I haven't achieved. I know you want to win a lot, but one more trophy doesn't define what you did in your career.

"When you are an athlete whenever you lose it hurts, but I think sometimes it's good to have moments that hurt. You can't have a life where everything is going well [all the time]. That's not how it works."

City take on rivals Manchester United on Sunday, and a victory at the Etihad will push them closer to a fourth Premier League win.