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Juventus Chairman Andrea Agnelli Not Giving up on European Super League

Andrea Agnelli is still hopeful of further dialogue over the European Super League
Andrea Agnelli is still hopeful of further dialogue over the European Super League / Chris Ricco/Getty Images

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli has insisted that he is not willing give up on the European Super League and wants to open fresh dialogue with European governing body UEFA on the issue.

Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona are the only clubs remaining of the original 12 founders yet to pull out of the Super League. The remaining nine, including the Premier League's Big Six, withdrew within 48 hours of the Super League's official launch on the night of April 18-19.

When asked whether the project could still happen after the exits, Agnelli said: "I reaffirm our willingness to have a dialogue to face problems which are at the basis of the European football. We are not scared of threats and we are confident that our legal action will lead to satisfactory results, but the real success would be if we return to a dialogue."

Agnelli resigned from his position as chairman of the European Clubs Association amid fierce backlash from the Super League plans. "We're absolutely certain we will play Champions League in the 2021-2022 season," he said.

"I have respect for Ceferin, but those who work in the business world know what it means to respect a non-disclosure agreement, so, as I immediately resigned from all my positions, I believe I have acted correctly. I believe that time will smooth out all the misunderstandings that have occurred."

Agnelli also spoke about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and added: "The Board of Directors has examined the impacts of COVID in recent seasons that are around €320m and has prepared guidelines for the increase of share capital up to €400m.

“Those of the pandemic are effects that have affected all companies. UEFA knows the whole situation in all leagues. UEFA estimates a liquidity need of around €8.5bn for the clubs. There’s a risk that around 120 clubs will be at risk of insolvency in the short term. Some operations have been announced on the debt side and I’m thinking of Barcelona, Inter, West Ham, Porto for significant amounts.

“Then there are capital increases such as Roma, Atletico Madrid and we are here too. We fit into this context, it’s important that the shareholders support the growth of this club. The ownership is one of the strengths of this club, I say this as President and a member of the family.”