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Jurgen Klopp Slams FIFA's Proposal for Biennial World Cup

By Amreen
Klopp has slammed FIFA's plan to hold the World Cup every two years
Klopp has slammed FIFA's plan to hold the World Cup every two years / ANP Sport/Getty Images

Jurgen Klopp has slammed FIFA's proposal to hold the football World Cup every two years, insisting that the plan is "all about money" and fails to consider the impact on the players.

Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, who is FIFA's head of global development, has previously spoken about his desire to change the schedule of the World Cup, and revealed how a potential new system could work.

Gareth Southgate revealed earlier this week that Wenger had approached him for support over the plan, but Liverpool boss Klopp has raised concerns over the feasibility of holding a biennial tournament.

"Every idea is about more games," Klopp told The Guardian.

“I immediately said: ‘More games? That means every year a tournament? No chance, that is not right. Where is the good old, very important, pre-season where there is no tournament at all? All people who train for a big competition need preparation.

"If you go to the Olympics you go high in the mountains for lots of reasons, train there – and incredibly hard – and then they are well prepared for the moment when they have their competition.

"But footballers just play the whole year, then three weeks off, then two weeks’ pre-season preparation and then play again. That’s football. How do you improve this game if you only play all the time? You cannot.”

When explaining his proposal, Wenger told L'Equipe: "The principle would be a grouping of qualifiers every year, and at the end of the season a major competition, World Cup or continental championship. Between the two qualifying windows, the player would stay in his club all year round.

"There must be less of a mix in the calendar between the periods of club football and periods of international football, and therefore fewer transcontinental trips for the players, for example."