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Jose Mourinho once evaded the cops to avoid his dog being quarantined

Mourinho once jumped out a window to escape the police
Mourinho once jumped out a window to escape the police / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

Jose Mourinho once evaded the police in England by jumping out of a window so that his dog would escape quarantine during the Portuguese's first spell as Chelsea boss.

Mourinho was arrested and charged for obstruction back in 2007 after failing to hand over his dog, a Yorkshire terrier, Leya, over to the authorities.

According to reports, officials wanted to quarantine the dog because they believed it had been brought to the UK from Portugal without the correct vaccinations.

In new audio released from 433’s The Home Of Football podcast, Mourinho recounted the incident, and said: "We had a dog, it was coming from Portugal. Obviously the dog had all the injections, everything was under control but the English authorities wanted it in quarantine.

"The dog was so small, so fragile. The kids were very small, they were in love with the dog. The police tried to get into the house to take the dog into quarantine. I grabbed it and put it in a backpack, I jumped out the window without them seeing me and took her to a friend's house.

“They considered it an obstruction of justice, they took me to the police department. I had to answer questions. I had to ring a lawyer to resolve the problem. That dog never forgot it and is still in love with me, it never forgot it!”

While in charge of Tottenham in 2019, Mourinho revealed in an emotional interview that his dog had died. He said: "To be honest, it was very sad because my dog died and my dog is my family. But we have to move on”.