Jamie Carragher recalls the time when Lionel Messi called him a 'donkey'

Messi termed Carragher a 'donkey' on Monday Night Football
Messi termed Carragher a 'donkey' on Monday Night Football / John Berry/GettyImages

PSG superstar Lionel Messi hasn't set Ligue 1 ablaze as everyone expected him to when he left Barcelona to make a move to France.

The Argentine has scored just one goal in Ligue 1 this season, with some under-whelming performances for the Parisians.

There were quite a few pundits who even stated that Messi wasn't the greatest signing PSG ever made in their history, one of them being Jamie Carragher.

In an episode of Sky Sports' Monday Night Football, the Liverpool legend stated that according to him, Messi's move to PSG spoiled the club, just like Ronaldo's move to Manchester United.

Now, in a revelation, Carragher stated that Messi took offence to his words and send him a message on Instagram.

The Sky Sports pundit revealed this saga alongside Gary Neville while they were picking their best FIFA22 Team of the Year.

Apparently, Messi basically called Carragher a 'donkey' in their private interaction on Instagram...

We absolutely would love to believe Carragher here but we're not sure if he's actually telling the truth!

But, if indeed it is true and Messi messaged Carragher, it is truly one of the most hilarious footballing incidents of 2022, and we're just in January!

Just if you're wondering what was Carragher's team of the year, here it goes:

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Ruben Dias

Giorgio Chiellini

Leonardo Spinazzola

Kevin De Bruyne

N'Golo Kante

Marco Verratti

Mohamed Salah

Robert Lewandowski

Kylian Mbappe