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Jack Grealish and Declan Rice Have Priceless Reactions to New FIFA Ratings

By Amreen
Grealish was elated with his FIFA 21 rating
Grealish was elated with his FIFA 21 rating / James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Jack Grealish and Declan Rice have been featured in a hilarious video reacting to the latter's latest FIFA ranking.

The England duo have become great friends while playing for the national team, and were equally impressed with the upgrade to Rice's ranking in the latest edition of FIFA, but found his low speed rating hilarious.

"If I'm an 80, then I'll snap this card in half!" Rice remarked before revealing his new FIFA card. "Genuinely I will RKO or spear it!"

The 22-year-old has been rated 82 on FIFA 22, three higher than what he had on the previous version of the game. "A cheeky little 82, to be fair I'm happy with that," he replied.

"You should be higher than that, surely," Manchester City's new man Grealish quipped, appearing more disappointed about Rice's ratings than the midfielder was.

When asked about his pace rating, Rice was outraged. "I'm not slow, I'm not slow, that's the thing!" he exclaimed. "81 defence, 79 physical and 74 dribble... mate I'm convinced they (EA Sports) just sit at a computer because they're bored writing a thousand players down and go 'yeah he's a sixty-something, he's a seventy-something... done."

Rice also joked with Grealish about his appearance on the upcoming game. "At least I look better on this card than I do in previous years!" he chuckled. "I look like I've seen about 10 ghosts in that (FIFA 17 card) one!"

Grealish, meanwhile, was bumped up by four points, taking him from 80 to 84, making him one of the highest-rated winger in the Premier League. “I’ll take that all day, go on FIFA," said Grealish with a massive grin on his face.

"Better pace, better shooting, better passing, better physical, same defence. 88 dribbling? I’ll take that all day!" “Cheers FIFA," finished Grealish.