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Indian Football: East Bengal Legends Back Club Officials in Row With Shree Cement

Arjun Singh Devgan
East Bengal club officials are in a row with Shree Cement over investment terms
East Bengal club officials are in a row with Shree Cement over investment terms / DESHAKALYAN CHOWDHURY/Getty Images

East Bengal legends, Sukumar Samajpati and Chandan Banerjee have come out in support of the club officials in their ongoing tussle with investors Shree Cement - an issue which saw certain sections of the club's fans engage in protest last week.

A large section of the Red and Gold fans had protested against the club officials, over their refusal to sign the agreement, with thousands of fans marching in protest on 21 July, while demanding the resignation of the officials in question.

Samajpati and Banerjee, who were invited by the club officials to read the agreement put forward by Shree Cement, backed their decision not to sign the document - stating that “We have read and examined the term sheet and the final agreement and found disparity in both. Certain terms and clauses in the form of the first term sheet are changed," while agreeing that by signing the document the officials would most likely “hand over complete authority to the investors.”

Club officials who have reiterated that certain clauses in the final agreement do not match with the initial term sheet, have for their part found support from another section of the fans who have backed their decision.

This group of supporters also led a demonstration outside the club tent on Wednesday. Things soon turned hostile between the two groups, leading to local police using force and lathi-charge to disperse the crowd.