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"I Have Never Wanted to Leave Real Madrid" - Every Single Quote Made By Sergio Ramos on His Farewell

Mudeet Arora
Every quite made by Sergio Ramos on his Real Madrid farewell
Every quite made by Sergio Ramos on his Real Madrid farewell / 90min, Getty Images

Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos has left the club and there has been widespread reaction from Los Blancos supporters all around the globe.

Ramos led a pretty emotional press conference in which he also broke down in tears while expressing the fact that he never wanted to leave the club and he is sad that he has to.

We bring you every single quote that Ramos made in his press conference confirming his Real Madrid exit.

"I wanted to have a word of gratitude to the media that have accompanied me these 16 years. I am here to expose myself to all kinds of questions and I want to clarify everything that has been generated."

Ramos on media's role in his career

"My purpose has always been to continue at Real Madrid. I have never wanted to leave Real Madrid. The club offered to renew my contract. They offered me a one-year deal with a 10% salary-cut. I wanted two years. I didn't want more money, I wanted continuity. Money has never been a problem for me."

Ramos on his the reason for his exit

"The contract renewal offer from the club had an expiration date, and I didn't know about it. I accepted the offer but it was too late. A week ago I was told that the offer had expired. I wanted to think, but they told me that the offer is no more. I was very surprised. A week ago, I told them that I accept the offer because I want to end my career here, but it turned out that it was too late."

Ramos on time frame for renewal

"I would sign for Real Madrid again, without a doubt. One thousand times. Always."

Ramos on his love for Real Madrid

"My relationship with the president is extraordinary like a father and son relationship. I'm not going to speak bad about him. He made me & my family have an amazing time in our live. I am very grateful to him."

Ramos on relationship with Perez

"Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos were a perfect marriage. Yeah. That was the best part of my life, for sure."

Ramos on his relationship with Madrid

"Yes, it's true I got some nice offers, phone calls, but so far I have prioritized Real Madrid & was talking only with them. Now I will think and we will see. I have to analyze everything, every offer."

Ramos on offers from other clubs

"No, I have not analyzed the possibility of returning to Sevilla. It will not happen. Barcelona? Firmly no."

Ramos on Sevilla return or Barca move

"It has been the most wonderful stage of my life. I have created the best family you can have. Pilar, my children..."

Ramos on his love for his family

"When I said 'plan next season without me' to president it was because I understood that no player was above the club."

Ramos on what he meant by his comments

"Perhaps it would not have been bad for Florentino Pérez to be at this press conference with me."

Ramos on Perez

"Today is not a day to talk about the future, I do not know if I will return to Spain or which team I will go to now. The only difference between the club and me was one year. We decided to accept the offer of one year with a reduction of salary."

Ramos when quizzed about his future

"With Ancelotti I get along very well and I called him to congratulate him when he signed for Madrid. Zidane? He won everything & he's the best coach in history and in my career."

Ramos on Ancelotti as new coach

"A very important phase of my life is coming to an end. Nothing will be like what I experienced here. I want to keep showing my best and add some more titles to my record."

Ramos on his experience at the club

"I arrived here as a child, when I was 19. I thank the club, the president, my coaches, all my teammates, the fans. Thank you Real Madrid, you will always be in my heart."

Ramos on his love for Real Madrid

"I would have liked to say goodbye to the fans at the stadium. Nothing will ever be like what I have lived here."

Ramos on his wish for seeing fans

"This is not a goodbye. It's a see you later. Sooner or later I'll be back."

Ramos' final words as a Real Madrid star

Florentino Perez too said some words at the conference

"The Madridistas will always carry you in their hearts, a player who never gives up. Thank you for defending our shirt fighting to the end. You will always be the player who gave us La Decima."

Perez on Ramos

"Today is a very emotional day for Real Madrid but also for me. It is not an easy day for me. I will not forget September 8, 2005 when he arrived to be presented at the Santiago Bernabeu. It was my first Spanish signing for Real Madrid."

Perez on Ramos