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Gary Lineker explains why Lionel Messi is a level above Cristiano Ronaldo

Mudeet Arora
Gary Lineker reveals his choice between Messi and Ronaldo
Gary Lineker reveals his choice between Messi and Ronaldo / 90min

Former FC Barcelona star Gary Lineker has yet again given an in-depth explanation as to why he believes Lionel Messi is a level above Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lineker has never been shy in expressing his admiration for Messi as he has been seen on television singing praises of the Argentine time and again.

Recently, he even went ahead and joked that Messi, alongside the legendary Maradona play/played "another sport" in comparison to Ronaldo.

Speaking to Spanish outlet Marca, Lineker was asked about the perceptions of Messi and Maradona in England and he said, "They are two Argentines, it is true, but the reason [I love them] is easy: I love football and what they gave to the game, nobody has given it to them.

"Without comparing them, both did things that the rest of us mortals cannot even imagine. They gave us happiness. There were other greats, like the two Ronaldo's, for example, but I consider them more as tremendous scorers.

"Diego and Leo did, and do, in each game, two or three things that neither I nor almost anyone did in an entire career. They play another sport."

Lineker then spoke about what it was like meeting Maradona and Messi and said, "I did meet Diego many times. He had an overwhelming personality; Leo is more shy. But, on the field, I never saw two such great stars.

"Sometimes people fall for me when I say that Messi is more than Cristiano. I also love Ronaldo. I respect him very much, he is a giant too, but my honest football opinion is that there is no comparison as to who is the best. Because of the things that Leo does. That said, it even hurts me to compare them, because they are both gigantic."