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Gareth Bale fires back at Spanish media for 'disgusting' comments

Gareth Bale hit back at his critics following Wales brace
Gareth Bale hit back at his critics following Wales brace / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Gareth Bale has slammed the Spanish media saying they should be ashamed of themselves for the disgusting comments made about him.

The 32-year-old has been ripped into by the Spanish media previously during his time at Real Madrid for not fully committing to the Los Blancos as much as he did for the Wales national team.

Earlier this week, Spanish publication Marca's journalist Manuel Julia Dorado labelled Bale a 'parasite' who has been 'sucking' money from the club.

Bale has hit back the comments following Wales' 2-1 World Cup qualifier win over Austria on Thursday night.

"No! I don't need to send a message, honestly," he told Sky Sports. "I don't need to send a message, it's a waste of my time, it's disgusting and they should all be ashamed of themselves. I'm not fussed, end of."

Dorado wrote: "The Bale parasite came from the cold and rainy Britannia. He settled in Spain, at Real Madrid, where, masked, he first showed diligence and love for the guest, but then his nature led him to suck blood without giving anything in return.

"Well, more than blood, he sucked, and sucks, the club's euros. Unlike others of its kind, such as the flea, the louse or the bedbug, the Bale parasite does not cause itching or illnesses in its host, but after sucking, it laughs and makes fun of it, showing a jocular contempt for the one from whom he lives.

"He laughs, applauds, throws himself on the ground, sings, as a kind of humiliating ceremony, which, luckily, has an expiration date, like all misfortunes."

Bale was also asked about his future, with transfer expert Fabrizio Romano claiming the Welshman will leave as a free agent in June.

"I haven't thought about that at all, since we knew we were going to be in this situation, my sole focus has been on this," he added.

"I know that thinking of the future can cause doubts in your mind so I've not been thinking about that, I've just been focusing on this game coming up. Whatever happens in the future I'll decide in the future."