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Gabriel Agbonlahor hits out at Cristiano Ronaldo for his behaviour

Arjun Singh Devgan
Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticised for his attitude when things do not go to plan on the pitch
Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticised for his attitude when things do not go to plan on the pitch / Ian MacNicol/GettyImages

Former Aston Villa striker, Gabriel Agbonlahor has hit out at footballing superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo and his attitude during Manchester United's 1-1 draw with Newcastle United in the Premier League on Monday.

Agbonlahor believes that there is a lack of harmony in the United dressing room and that Ronaldo's gestures during games are intimidating younger teammates such as Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho.

"It looks to me like Ronaldo just cares about his goals. [Against Newcastle] he was throwing his hands up in the air because he wasn't getting chances. Then after the game, he runs off the pitch sulking and I imagine he's sulking in the changing room," he said as quoted by Marca.

"His attitude was off. If I'm Rashford, Greenwood and Sancho I'm scared to have a shot. Every time they have a shot, he's got his arms up to say, 'Why haven't you passed to me?' The harmony is not right in that changing room. The form of Rashford and Greenwood has dropped since Ronaldo has been there.

"They can't express themselves, it's like they think, 'I have to pass to Ronaldo, I have to create a chance for Ronaldo.' If I was Rashford, Greenwood or Sancho I'd be saying to myself, 'Oh, why did we have to bring him here?' He's an amazing player who has had an amazing career but he's not the same player he was. United played their best football of the season against Chelsea with Ronaldo on the bench.

"Rashford, Greenwood and Sancho can play as a front three rotating positions and running in behind. If the manager had anything about him, he'd drop Ronaldo for the next game."

Ronaldo's behaviour has also come in for criticism from former Red Devil, Gary Neville who slammed the 36-year-old for not applauding the United fans after the game.