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Fraudster Spent £175,000 on Riyad Mahrez's Bank Card in 2017; Algerian Did Not Notice the Fraud For 5 Weeks

Arjun Singh Devgan
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A forklift driver, Sharif Mohamed spent more than £175,000 on a bank card belonging to current Manchester City winger, Riyad Mahrez with the Sun reporting that £20,000 of that money was spent partying and on designer clothes in Ibiza.

The incident was said to take place in 2017 while Mahrez was still playing for Leicester City with the Algerian failing to realise for more than a month that a fraudster had blown the money. Infact, the footballer took nearly five weeks to block the card, by which time Mohamed had a good a taste of the high life.

Mohamed it is understood spent £20,000 partying in Ibiza, drinking champagne at trendy beach bars and blew thousands buying designer clothes from boutiques on the holiday island. In the UK meanwhile, he splurged at a Casino and also spent money at more modest places like Nando’s, KFC and Greggs.

“The most amazing thing is that someone can blow £175,000 on a bank card without the loser even realising," Chief Inspector Mick Neville said while commenting on the case.

Mohamed's barrister, Daniel Higgins appealed for his client to be given a suspended sentence, saying he had made little from the fraud.

“In terms of personal benefit he can’t exactly qualify. At least he had a very nice holiday and other benefits. One of the difficulties is that this was during a period of his life when he was drinking and taking drugs and his ability to recall in detail is rather limited," he said.

Mohamed for his admitted to one charge of fraud and was bailed ahead of sentencing on February 25. He previously received a suspended sentence for a hotel booking scam and was jailed for 45 months in 2009 for robbery.