Former Barca staff member claims Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior is a Barcelona fan

By Amreen
Former Barca staff member has claimed Vinicus is a Barca fan
Former Barca staff member has claimed Vinicus is a Barca fan / Eric Alonso/GettyImages

Former Barcelona technical secretary Andre Cury has claimed that Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr. is a Barcelona fan and could have allegedly played for the club.

Vinicius has been a steady figure for Los Blancos since moving from Flamengo in 2017. But Cury has revealed that the Brazilian winger could have been playing for a different LaLiga giant.

"Vinicius used to support Barça. He cried with Barça's 6-1 comeback against PSG, he was a proper Barcelona fan", said Cury for 'Cadena SER' (via Marca).

"Vinicius to Barcelona was a done deal. Both of his agents were great friends of mine", added Cury. "The deal was closed, the only thing left was Vinius' signature on the contract, but in the very last moment, my friends betrayed me and my club. I haven't talked to them since that happened back in 2017".

In a documentary released last year, Vinicius spoke about his move to Madrid. "When I was in the Under 17 Flamengo side, my parents went to Barcelona," said Vinicius. "They returned and then two days later they left for Madrid.

"They visited the club and looked at everything and felt as though that was the place. Real Madrid are the biggest club in the world and the one with the most titles. I always supported Real Madrid,"

Vinicius' father added: "He was always a Real Madrid fan."

Cury was instrumental in bringing Neymar to Camp Nou back in 2013, and revealed how he made the signing happen, despite strong interest from Madrid.

"It was very difficult to get Neymar's signing over the line," Cury stated.

"Neymar came because he loved this club. In normal circumstances, he wouldn't have come. Real Madrid even offered him 100 million euros more."