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Football Leaks Hacker Rui Pinto to Help Premier League's Investigation of Manchester City

New evidence claims Man City inflated income by millions to cheat the financial fair play rules
New evidence claims Man City inflated income by millions to cheat the financial fair play rules / Michael Regan/Getty Images

Rui Pinto, the alleged hacker behind the Football Leaks allegations, has offered his assistance to the Premier League in their ongoing investigation of Manchester City.

Pinto was identified as the "whistleblower" who provided emails and other information to German newspaper, Der Spiegel, which appeared to suggest that the Premier League champions inflated their income to get around Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

According to the Daily Mail, Pinto's lawyers have revealed that their client is willing to help the investigation, which has been ongoing since December 2018. His lawyers Francisco and Luisa Teixera da Mota said: “Rui remains committed to collaborate with national and international authorities in order to help uncover wrongdoing in football and contribute to football’s transparency.”

Earlier this week, three of Britain's most senior judges ruled that the existence of a legal battle between City and the league should not remain a secret anymore. Lord Justice Males expressed his frustration at City's non-cooperation with the league.

"This is an investigation which commenced in December 2018. It is surprising, and a matter of legitimate public concern, that so little progress has been made after two and a half years, during which, it may be noted, the Club has twice been crowned as Premier League champions," he wrote.

Premier League's lawyers told a hearing: "The tactic the club has adopted has been to make as many procedural applications and complaints as it possibly can in order to slow the day when it will actually have to provide the documents and information."