Football is More Than Just a Game ft. Christian Eriksen

Mudeet Arora
Christian Eriksen was rushed to the hospital during Denmark's clash with Finland at the Euros
Christian Eriksen was rushed to the hospital during Denmark's clash with Finland at the Euros / JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/Getty Images

We won't be forgetting Saturday evening for a long-long time.

The world of football was left stunned as Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed on to the ground near the end of the first half in a clash between Denmark and Finland at the Euro 2020.

Eriksen was given CPR by medics who showed tremendous urgency in dealing with the severity of the situation as his teammates were left impossible to console.

The star midfielder was rushed to the hospital and the match was suspended before UEFA announced some hours later that the game will resume after both teams' players requested for it to be completed.

The Danish Football Union already confirmed that Eriksen has regained consciousness and will undergo further tests at the hospital.

This whole incident sent shockwaves around the world of football, but what was heartwarming was to see players, both current and former, clubs, pundits and fans were seen wishing well for Eriksen's recovery.

Sometimes, we, as football fans forget that these players are human too.

First of all, we salute Eriksen's teammates on the pitch, especially Simon Kjaer, who rushed to help Eriksen as soon as he realised what had happened.

Another thing that was noticed was that Finland's fans passed on their national flag to the stewards and medics on the field in order to cover and hide the whole area where Eriksen was being treated in order for the player to be treated privately without the eyes of the cameras, who were willing to cross their line in order to show some footage of the player. The whole Danish team formed a shield around the player, protecting him from the eyes of the camera.

Denmark's head coach Kasper Hjulmand said after the game that all of us have been reminded what the most important things in life are. It's just meaningful relations. It's those people who are close to us. It's family and friends.

These words are testament to the fact that players are humans too!

We always think footballers are these perfect people with perfect lives, but in the end, we all are human.

Hats off to every single one on that field of play today!

Lastly, we cannot thank the medical staff enough for the way they handled the whole situation. These "front-line workers" as we now call them deserve to be treated with utmost care, love and appreciation.

Our only appeal to all football fans is that the least we can do for the love of our game is not indulge in sharing Eriksen's photos and videos from the incident on social media or on any other platform.

Every single one of us holds a certain amount of responsibility towards these players who have time and again stated that the "beautiful" game is nothing without us, the fans.

We are the custodians of the game and what happened today was a mistake.

Lastly, we turn our attention to our media. What happened today with the prolonged TV telecast of the visuals of the player fighting for his life certainly leaves a dent on all media's collective profession. However, it has been explained that the in-stadium coverage is controlled by UEFA as the host broadcaster.

A spokesperson later stated, "Everyone at the BBC is hoping Christian Eriksen makes a full recovery. We apologise to anyone who is upset by the images broadcast. In-stadium coverage is controlled by UEFA as the host broadcaster and as soon as the match was suspended, we took our coverage off air as quickly as possible."

Later, Gary Lineker tweeted this.

We wish Eriksen a speedy recovery and hope to see him mesmerise us with his incredible performances on the field soon.