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Football Fan on Twitter Creates Hilarious Thread of Things That Lasted Longer Than the European Super League

Mudeet Arora
Fans Respond To News Of Football Super League
Fans Respond To News Of Football Super League / Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A Twitter account named 'Things that lasted longer than the ESL' has been going viral with the content it is posting on it's handle.

The European Super League, which was announced on Sunday, ended up being called off by Tuesday amid major opposition from fans, clubs, players and governing bodies.

Amid what was a serious day of discussion and reflection of ethics in football, one fan took it upon himself to highlight all the things/events that lasted longer than the existence of the ESL.

This fan's twitter handle has garnered over 19,000 followers after producing some hilarious tweets that went viral.

Here are some of the very best viral tweets put out by this handle with regards to things or events that lasted longer than the ESL.

Meanwhile UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin revealed why the Super League failed as he said, "It was a combination of different factors. It first started with our statement along with the leagues and other clubs when we strongly opposed the establishment of this league. It was a Sunday afternoon. They came in at night with a press release and we had an executive committee in the morning, we approved all the changes and after that I had a press conference where I discussed everything as openly as possible."

He further stated, "After that came a response from the office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. French president [Emmanuel] Macron came forward very quickly. But most of all, of course, the fans helped. They staged a real revolution and did not allow themselves to be despised, ignored and thought they could be bought."