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Florentino Perez Denies Involvement in Lionel Messi's Barcelona Departure

Mudeet Arora
Florentino Perez has denied his involvement in Messi's Barcelona departure
Florentino Perez has denied his involvement in Messi's Barcelona departure / Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez had to come out in the media and categorically deny that he had something to do with Lionel Messi's FC Barcelona exit after some bizarre claims were made in the last two days.

La Liga board, other clubs and FC Barcelona themselves have passing the blame on each other and other clubs in the league with regards to what brought the end of Messi's time in Spain.

Real Madrid, however, is in no mood to take any blame for Messi's exit.

"In light of the statements made by Jaume Llopis, a former member of the Espai Barça Commission, I want to state the following: it is flatly false that he has been friends for a long time with the CEO of FC Barcelona, Ferran Reverter," Perez said in a statement.

"He is a person with whom I have only met twice in my life, once four months ago and the other last Saturday at the meeting that took place in Barcelona with President Joan Laporta and President Andrea Agnelli, when the official communication on Messi had already taken place.

"It is therefore impossible for me to have had some influence out of Messi or any other decision of the FC Barcelona. So I hope Jaume Llopis rectified as soon as possible these statements do not correspond to the truth."

Lopis, who is a former member of the Espai Barca Commission claimed on Cadena SER, "The new CEO [Reverter] is in charge. I know that everything has to go through the CEO, everything has to be signed by the CEO and not the president.

"Laporta was pressured by his CEO and, on the other hand, Florentino convinced him. Between the two of them they convinced him that he has to kick Messi out and not sign with CVC."

Lopis was speaking about the deal with CVC that La Liga are trying hard to complete in return for 10% of their business.

The money Barcelona would have earned by agreeing to the deal would have meant they could have afforded to keep Messi at the club.

One thing to note is once this agreement with CVC is done, the European Super League would have to be dissolved.