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FIFA to Provide Financial Relief for Indian Players With Fund Formed by FIFPro and World Players’ Union

Arjun Singh Devgan

World football governing body, FIFA has agreed to support some of India's footballers by providing them with financial compensation amid the ongoing pandemic, with it being reported that some players of the India team who had applied for compensation last year, are set to receive money from FIFA.

in February of 2020, FIFA and FIFPro joined hands to create FIFA Fund for Football Players in order to help footballers and involved professionals from various countries who could miss out on their weekly wages due to the financial impact football clubs had to suffer from during the pandemic.

It is understood that a sum of $16million has been set aside to help footballers in need and will use $5 million of the fund to provide salary protection and approve the request of monetary benefits and claims submitted by individuals between July 2015 to June 2020.

The likes of Nirmal Chhetri, Subrata Paul, Sanju Pradhan, Gouramangi Singh, Laxmikant Kattimani, and Sumit Passi are among the Indian footballers who had applied for financial assistance through the Football Players Association of India (FPAI).

Their requests have now been approved by the FIFA Fund for Football Players with the players now expected to receive between $3000 to $1000. Former India international, Gouramangi Singh has hailed the efforts of FIFA and FIFPro for their financial assistance, while also lavishing praise on Football Players Association of India - revealing that such help has given him huge relief during the ongoing pandemic.