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FIFA 22 given brutal rating on Metacritic days after release

By Amreen
FIFA 22 was given a brutal rating on Metacritic
FIFA 22 was given a brutal rating on Metacritic / SOPA Images/Getty Images

FIFA 22's launch was highly anticipated by gamers everywhere, but the game has been given a brutal rating of just 2.6 out of 10 on Metacritic after its opening weekend.

The score has been generated at the back of 112 user reviews, and gives FIFA 22 a rating of E.

And fans did not hold back from delivering scathing reviews. One fan wrote: "This game is exactly the same as the last game. All the greedy developers did in this game is slap a 22 number on the cover. The lighting looks terrible and there are some bad textures. There is hardly any improvements on the gameplay.

"The developers heavily advertised the HyperMotion stuff, but the animations still manage to look like trash. I don't recommend this piece of garbage at all."

Another added: "If you think FIFA has improved? it's not because it's the f*****g same old **** honestly this game is worst then Madden 22 & it's literally a Gambling Simulator."

Someone else claimed: "Even the bare minimum cannot be met. Let's not even speak about the gameplay. Animations still look choppy, presentation and celebrations are still locked in 30 FPS (when there's not even ray tracing or open world), unscanned player faces are painful to look at."

A fourth fan said: "Until they provide us with a new engine and take away the gambling and monetisation of every little thing, then I'm not buying this game and I suggest you shouldn't either. FIFA 15 is a quid and probably plays the same as this. Disgraceful. Who remember Pro Evo? Gameplay was king not shiny cards."

While another simply put: "Pathetic. FIFA is basically a garbage £60+ subscription. Gambling Football Simulator 2022."

The PS4 version of the game has an even worse user score compared to the PS5 one. Based on 16 user reviews, the score is just 0.9 out of 5 with just one feedback being positive.