FIFA 21 Will Have 'Advantage' Rule Among Other New Features Including Ball Boys Celebrating Goals Scored

FIFA 21 | EA Sports

EA Sports' FIFA 21 will be including a new 'Advantage' rule in its gaming setup along with other innovative features.

Previously, if a player is fouled, they would have the ability to play on as is standard in real-life football until the opponent does not touch the ball after fouling. If they wanted to take the free-kick, they would simply stop and play would be brought back for the foul.

But as revealed by a leaked screenshot for FIFA 21, things will be slightly different. Now, gamers will have complete control of whether they take the foul or not by pressing L2 or R2 on PS and LT or RT on Xbox.

While the choosing feature to take a foul may look like it is not a big change, however, it will certainly be of use to players who love continuity and speed in their gameplay.

Another feature that is being rumoured is that real life referees are included in the game this time around as opposed to the made-up officials in previous FIFAs.

Meanwhile, FIFA 21 will have over 30 leagues and competitions, including a host of the world's biggest tournaments, such as the Champions League and the Premier League as well as La Liga and Serie A.

Juventus will still be contracted to Konami so FIFA 21 will once again see the Bianconeri named as Piemonte Calcio in the game.