FIFA 13 Ranked as the Best and FIFA 21 Voted as the Worst Among All Editions of the Game on IMDb

Arjun Singh Devgan
FIFA 21 has the worst rating of any edition of the franchise on IMDb
FIFA 21 has the worst rating of any edition of the franchise on IMDb / SOPA Images/Getty Images

The FIFA or EA Sports FIFA game series is one of the most popular football video game series in the world, with the game listed in the Guinness World Records as the best selling sports video game franchise in the world.

Since it's inception in 1994, the game is released every year and as with every other sports video game, some editions have been better received than the others. A study conducted by, went through the IMDb ratings of every edition of the game, with the ratings throwing in some surprises.

FIFA 13 has been rated by users as the best edition of the franchise with a rating of 8.1, while the most recent edition i.e FIFA 21 is the worst among all other editions, with an abysmal rating of 4.5. When it came to FIFA 13, users were quick to state that the graphics were much better than previous releases, as well as the online play of the game being fantastic, while for FIFA 21, users complained about the difficulty of making passes, as well as the servers being hard to manage.

In second place is FIFA Soccer 12 and FIFA 14 with a score of 8, with users describing them as 'the best football game ever made' and some also recommending the games for those who don't even like football.

Joint third goes to FIFA World Cup 98 and FIFA Soccer 11 with a score of 7.9One user stated that for the 1998 release: ‘for such an old game, it is football gaming at its best.' 

The newest edition of the game titled FIFA 22 will release for fans on October 1.