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Fans Troll Liverpool Fans for Wanting Trophy Parade This June After Winning Premier League Title Last Season

Feb 23, 2021, 1:59 PM GMT+5:30
Liverpool weren't able to hold a trophy parade due to coronavirus restrictions
Liverpool weren't able to hold a trophy parade due to coronavirus restrictions | Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Rival fans have mocked Liverpool supporters for wanting to hold a trophy parade this June after winning the Premier League title last season. The Reds were unable to celebrate their achievement with their fans owning to the coronavirus restrictions, but boss Jurgen Klopp promised the club would hold a trophy parade "as soon as it was safe".

Klopp told Sky Sports: "There comes a day when life will get back to normal. When someone has found the vaccine, when someone has found a solution to the problem, when infection rates are zero or below -- that day will come eventually.

"Then we have the right to celebrate what we want to celebrate on that day. If this is the 12th or 13th matchday of next season and we want to celebrate it -- who is going to stop it? Then we still have the trophy and then we can drive it around town and stand on the bus.

"If other people then think that we are completely crazy, I honestly don't care. Can it then still be a special celebration? No question. It's different, but different is sometimes absolutely OK."

Earlier this week, Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that fans could potentially return to stadiums by mid-May, and some Liverpool fans have already begun making plans for next season. And a trophy parade.

However, Liverpool's title defence hasn't gone according to plan this season, with Klopp admitting that side are out of the title race, as the Reds sit outside the top four and are a whopping 19 points behind league leaders Manchester City.

And rival fans have taken to social media to taunt the Reds fans over their plans for a delayed trophy parade.