Fans Can Now Hire an Entire Cinema Screen to Play FIFA 21

Oct 26, 2020, 7:10 PM GMT+5:30
FIFA 21 cinema screen | DeFodi Images/Getty Images

Fans of EA Sports' FIFA game in the United Kingdom can now pay and play FIFA 21 on a giant cinema screen.

While most fans stay satisfied with the game on their normal televisions at their homes, there is actually a separate fanbase of those who like to play on giant cinema screens.

Odeon Cinemas are giving FIFA enthusiasts the opportunity to do just that after introducing 'Big Screen Gaming' as they adapt to the coronavirus guidelines that have had a serious knock-on effect on the film business.

Famous YouTuber PewDiePie has already gone ahead and played in the hall all on his own and also posted a story on Instagram while doing the same.

PewDiePie playing video games on a giant cinema screen
PewDiePie playing video games on a giant cinema screen | PewDiePie

Well, can you simply imagine yourself and some of your buddies in a cinema hall all to yourself while playing a FIFA tournament???

Another pretty innovative incident saw someone actually playing Football Manager while working out at the gym.

33-year-old Darren Butler, a big Reading fan, has played "at least" 12 different versions of the game and first started out playing the old Championship Manager games back in 1997/98.

"I didn't even think it was possible until someone introduced me Cloud Gaming, but I get a good session more or less every time I'm on the bike. Cloud Gaming is the short answer, but the long answer is I log into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via the on bike web browser, I use it to play on my tablet too when I'm travelling." he told SPORTbible.