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European Super League Clubs Have Decided to Transfer Their Champions League Titles to the New League

Mudeet Arora
Real Madrid will kick off the European Super League with 13 titles
Real Madrid will kick off the European Super League with 13 titles / Samuel de Roman/Getty Images

The clubs participating in the European Super League (ESL) will reportedly consider their UEFA Champions League titles as ESL titles when the competition starts.

Just as European Cups and Champions Leagues have always been added together, despite the competition's re-branding in 1992, therefore, the total will convert into Super League wins.

This means that Real Madrid will begin the new competition as 13-time former champions of the same.

That, as reported by Madrid-based journalist Paul Tenorio, would mean the 12 clubs involved are clearly positioning the Super League as the natural replacement of the Champions League.

This means that the 12 founding members will, presumably, all bring their Champions League/European Cup wins with them in the new competition.

So, AC Milan will begin with seven Super League crowns, Liverpool will be six-time champions, Barcelona are on five, while Manchester United and Inter Milan boast three European crowns.

Juventus will be two time champions while Chelsea will be solitary champions.

Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Tottenham and Manchester City have not won a Champions League yet. City could still win it provided UEFA let them feature in the competition this season.

Meanwhile, UEFA are considering all legal actions and sanctions towards the founding members of the European Super League.