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European Super League Begins to Unravel as Premier League's 'Big Six' Clubs Pull Out of Proposed Competition

Ali Shibil Roshan
Premier League's 'Big Six' clubs have pulled out of the Super League they were the founding members of
Premier League's 'Big Six' clubs have pulled out of the Super League they were the founding members of / Visionhaus/Getty Images

The plans for European Super League, which was announced on Sunday night, have begun to unravel after Premier League's 'Big Six' clubs, who were among the 12 so-called founding members of the new competition, pulled out of it following severe backlash from across the footballing world.

The announcement of the new league, which was planned to be largely-closed with 15 founding-members and five other clubs, who will qualify annually based on their domestic performance, was met with severe criticism, with it being suggested the new competition will kill football as we know it.

UEFA, whose Champions League the new proposed league would rival, had strongly condemned the move, and the governing body of European football had also threatened to ban teams who participate in the ESL from all competitions - domestic and international - and players, who join the new league, from World Cup and Euros. FIFA had also disapproved of the idea, and its president Gianni Infantino had warned the Super League clubs that they must live the consequences of their action.

The domestic leagues and football associations had also heavily opposed the formation of the ESL, and following unprecedented backlash from players, fans and pundits alike, Manchester City, who were the last club to sign up for the league, became the first club to officially pull out of it.

By the end of Tuesday night, Premier League's remaining members who were part of the competition had also withdrawn from it, leaving it in tatters. Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano reports Inter Milan and AC Milan are also set to leave the proposed-tournament. Reports in Spain, though conflicting with some others, suggest Barcelona have also pulled out of ESL. Some reports suggest Atletico Madrid are also out of the Super League, but again, claims conflicting with some others.