Europa League Prize Money: How Much Will Each Club Earn in the 2019/20 Season?

Chelsea v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Final
Europa League trophy | Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

The UEFA Europa League is making a much awaited return this month as the remaining clubs in the second tier European competition gear up to fight for a spot in the Champions League next season.

And although the appeal of this tournament cannot be compared to the glory of the Champions League, it still consists of some of the most followed football clubs on the planet.

A host of British clubs – Manchester United, Wolves and Rangers – remain focused on their objectives, and know that every win from now on could significantly boost their finances in a tough set of circumstances for clubs around the world.

Europa League fixtures will take place at great speed in August and here's how much accumulated prize money clubs can make based on their status in the tournament.

Prize money accumulates as the rounds progress

Reaching the group stages: £2.3m

Reaching the round of 32: £0.4m

Reaching the round of 16:

£0.9m Reaching the quarter-finals: £1.2m

Reaching the semi-finals: £2m

Reaching the final: £3.7m

Winning the final: £3.3m

Total for winning Europa League: £13.8m


£0.5m per group stage win

£0.2m per group stage draw

£0.8m for group stage winners

£0.4m for group stage runners up