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Edinson Cavani Reiterates Desire to "Leave Something Positive Behind" at Manchester United

Edinson Cavani says that he wants to leave something behind at Old Trafford
Edinson Cavani says that he wants to leave something behind at Old Trafford / Soccrates Images/Getty Images

Edinson Cavani has revealed that he is eager to "leave something behind" at Manchester United once his spell ends.

The veteran striker joined United on deadline day last September and has scored 12 goals in 33 appearances this season. The Uruguay international explained that he wants to help the club's younger players and that he is always determined to give his best in every game and training session.

Cavani told Inside United magazine: "Honestly speaking, I don't really like to just give out advice. I'm just here to do my absolute best and to support this team and to leave everything I have out on the field, whether that's in a game or a training session."

He added, "Then, if a young player comes up and asks me something or they see me do things during a training session that they'd like to incorporate into their game, then that's great. I believe that there are lessons all around you, not just from players in your own position."

He insisted that he wants to share his knowledge that can help young players to develop. Cavani concluded: "You can always take the best bits from someone else and see if they work for you in your own game. If they want to take something I say or do on board and take it as an example to use in their future development, then I'd be very happy, because it's important to leave something positive behind."