Ederson believes not signing Ronaldo or Messi worked in Man City's favour

Mudeet Arora
Ederson is relieved Man City didn't sign Ronaldo or Messi
Ederson is relieved Man City didn't sign Ronaldo or Messi / Naomi Baker/GettyImages

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has stated that the current squad is in a better shape without a big name striker in the form of Ronaldo or Messi.

With Sergio Aguero's departure, much was made with regards to the need for City to sign a striker with Harry Kane becoming their top target.

Messi was also linked with a move to City before the club tried to make a move when Ronaldo too became available in the summer.

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United with Messi moving to PSG.

Ederson believes it was good that none of the players joined City.

He told ESPN Brazil: "Of course there was a lot of speculation and hope on the part of the fans for a strong name, but the team remained calm the whole time. The group is more important than the individual. 

"It can also be an advantage, the pressure is divided for everyone in. Of course, if he had a big name here, the pressure on him would be much greater than for the rest of the group.

"We have great players, but none at such a high level as these. The important thing is that the team is compact. It was good for us."

Ederson then spoke about the need for City's wingers and full-backs to continue delivering assists and goals for the club as he said, "Our team is doing very well, there are many players scoring goals, too. So that doesn’t end up being remembered very much.

“But when you take a game where the team draws or loses, we end up not being able to score any goals, then the striker subject always comes up.

"This is normal, it’s always when there is a game that the team cannot score goals or win, this question will come out about a striker. But I think our team is doing well the way it is."