EURO 2020

"Eat More Pasta" - Leonardo Bonucci Trolls England After Euro 2020 Win

Bonucci trolled England after Italy won Euro 2020
Bonucci trolled England after Italy won Euro 2020 / Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Leonardo Bonucci trolled England fans after Italy defeated the Three Lions 3-2 on penalties to win Euro 2020.

Scores were level at the end of extra-time, with Bonucci equalising after Luka Shaw's early opener. Roberto Mancini's side also found themselves trailing in the penalty shootout before Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka missed their shots.

When taking a lap of honour, Bonucci was heard trolling England fans by shouting: "More pasta! We need to eat more pasta!"

He also grabbed a camera and shouted: “It’s coming to Rome” in reference to the “It’s Coming Home” slogan used by Three Lions fans over the course of the European Championship.

“A historic goal is a dream come true and the credit goes to the coach, the whole squad,” he told RAI Sports. “When we got together in Sardinia, there was something different compared to the past. We slowly gained confidence, certainty, unity. This was the icing on the cake that makes us legends.

“It’s a unique feeling and we are relishing it. Seeing 65,000 people leave before the trophy was handed out is something to relish, now the cup is coming to Rome. They thought it was staying in London, sorry for them, but Italy once again taught a lesson.

“We said during the warm-up, what was happening in the stands was purely just background noise. We had 34 games unbeaten, all we needed to do was exactly what we’d done so far to get here, not one bit more, not one bit less.”