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EA Sports Adds Four New Skill Moves on FIFA 22

Mudeet Arora
New skill moves have been added on EA Sports' FIFA 22
New skill moves have been added on EA Sports' FIFA 22 / Chesnot/Getty Images

As many as four new skill moves have been added to FIFA 22 as confirmed by EA Sports.

On Tuesday, gameplay details for the upcoming version was handed out in the form of a preview event.

Producers of the franchise gave key details of the changes they have been working on in order to take the game to the next level for next generation consoles.

Apart from changes in graphics and look, players will now be able to perform four new skill moves on the game.

First Time Spin, Four Touch Skill, Scoop Turn Fake and Skill Bridge will all feature when the game is released worldwide on October 2.

There isn't much visual information available on these moves except a video of Vinicius Jr in the game doing the rounds on Twitter performing a 'Scoop Turn Fake', toying with two Atletico Madrid defenders.

While it looks like these moves will be inculcated on FIFA 22, it has not yet been revealed what combo of controller buttons are required to perform each skill.

With first time ball control skill now being introduced, players with a higher skilled stars on the game will be able to perform more tricks, including the really advanced ones.