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Didier Drogba Resigns as AFI Vice-President Over "Flagrant Lack of Coherence"

By Amreen
Drogba resigned from his post at the AFI
Drogba resigned from his post at the AFI / Francois Nel/Getty Images

Didier Drogba has resigned from his position as Vice-President of the Ivory Coast Footballers Association (AFI), posting a scathing letter on social media hitting out at the Federation's lack of transparency and coherence.

Drogba has been at odds with the AFI ever since they refused to back him to become the new President of his country's Football Association last year. However, the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro) sided with Drogba in that dispute and placed the AFI under indefinite suspension.

However, Drogba's issues with the AFI have continued, and the former Chelsea striker has decided to step down from his post, citing the Federation does not care for the players.

He wrote on Twitter: "To all Ivorian football players ... I hereby announce that a few weeks ago, I took the decision to resign from my position as vice-president of the AFI and at the same time from its Steering Committee.

"We are all aware of the financial difficulties you are facing in the face of the inaction of the majority of the leaders of the AFI, which is supposed to represent you and defend your rights and interests. The AFI is at a standstill. It no longer meets your needs or expectations. The bad decisions that have followed one another have led to the deterioration of the very fundamentals of the organisation."

The former striker added that members of AFI had failed to properly consult players on key decisions and demonstrated disrespect towards those they represent. "I join in your incomprehension in the face of this flagrant lack of coherence," he added. "The AFI belongs to you (the players). Be firmly convinced, it will be returned to you!"

In response to being suspended by FIFPro for not choosing Drogba, the AFI said: "[We] would like to recall that we are completely independent and take our positions at the national level, in taking into account the best interests of Ivorian footballers.

"From its creation to this day, AFI has always worked in full transparency in the interest of its members. This is why it wishes to reassure all of its members of its commitment to the defense of their interests and respect for their choices and orientations for Ivorian football."