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Details of Roy Keane's "Christmas Miracle" for sick child revealed by doctor

Roy Keane praised by doctor for 'Christmas miracle'
Roy Keane praised by doctor for 'Christmas miracle' / Pool/GettyImages

Irish doctor Niamh Ni Loinsigh has revealed details of a "Christmas miracle" that occured nearly 10 years ago when Roy Keane visited a sick kid in hospital to give the child the "boost and the energy to just keep going a little more."

Dr Niamh shared a video on social media detailing the visit by Keane and admitted she was initially apprehensive about sharing the post, but believed people "needed to hear something nice" amid the rising numbers of coronavirus cases in the UK again.

“The closest thing I’ve witnessed to a Christmas miracle was facilitated, I think, by Roy Keane,” said Dr Loinsigh.

“This was 20 years ago and we were looking after a patient who was very, very unwell and it came to a point where we weren’t really sure if they were going to make it.

“Unannounced, and without any fanfare, Roy Keane came to visit the children’s ward. He gave that child the boost and the energy that they needed to just keep going a little bit more.

“On Christmas Eve the professor of paediatrics rang me in tears and I feared the worst. But no, he said that this child was completely better and was going home. So thanks Roy.”

Dr Loinsigh later added on Twitter: I hope Roy Keane knows the huge impact he has had on so many lives. I'm sure this is just one example.”

Despite his gruff exterior, Keane has been fondly spoken about a number of peers in the past. Graeme Souness has also spoken about his fondness for his fellow Sky Sports pundit, saying: "I didn't know Roy before. I had met him briefly but never really knew him.

"He is extremely funny off camera, which people don't get to see. And I think we are like two peas from the same pod, and we have the same views on football."