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David Becham's Inter Miami Fined £1.4m for Breaking MLS Rules for Blaise Matuidi's Signing

David Beckham's Inter Miami have been fined £1.4million for breaking MLS rules
David Beckham's Inter Miami have been fined £1.4million for breaking MLS rules / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

David Beckham's Inter Miami have been fined £1.4million for breaking Major League Soccer (MLS) transfer rules following the signing of French international Blaise Matuidi.

Matuidi swapped Juventus for Inter Miami in August 2020, but was not named as a "Designated Player" which is against the salary cap rules of the MLS which state: "majority of players cannot earn more than £1.14million-a-season".

“The integrity of our rules is sacrosanct, and it is a fundamental principle of our league that our clubs are responsible for adhering to all league regulations,” said MLS Commissioner Don Garber.

He added, “Our rules will not be compromised. These sanctions reflect the severity of Inter Miami’s violations, should encourage complete cooperation by all parties in future investigations, and will serve as a deterrent for clubs from violating roster rules.”

According to AS, the club have been hit with a £1.4million fine, while a $250,000 fine has been handed to Managing Owner Jorge Mas. Additionally, the league imposed a $2,271,250 reduction in allocation dollars for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Paul McDonough, Inter Miami’s COO and Sporting Director last season, has been suspended through the end of the 2022 MLS season. "Inter Miami CF acknowledges that the Club violated Major League Soccer’s roster rules in our first season," Mas said in a statement.

He added. "We have worked closely with MLS to address these issues and have made significant changes in our management structure. Following our inaugural season, we took a deep look at our soccer operations leadership group and made decisions that not only strengthened our internal roster compliance measures, but also better positioned us to build a sustainable, long-term competition strategy with the hiring of Chris Henderson as Chief Soccer Officer and Sporting Director in 2021."

Paul concluded, "Inter Miami is an ambitious Club with big aspirations. We believe our fanbase, market and ownership group propel us to be one of North America’s most-followed football teams in the world. We are committed to supporting our team and building a roster we are proud of."