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Cristiano Ronaldo Made a Beautiful Gesture to Spezia Player Leaving Him Shocked

Cristiano Ronaldo left a player in shock after making a heart-warming gesture
Cristiano Ronaldo left a player in shock after making a heart-warming gesture / Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Spezia striker Emmanuel Gyasi has recounted the story of how he received Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt after their clash against Juventus.

The Ghanian entered his dressing room following the game, and found Ronaldo waiting for him there to give him his shirt, as he was unable to do so the first time the two sides met.

“When Cristiano Ronaldo came up to me, hugged me and asked how I was doing, I was very happy," Gyasi revealed. "During the game I remember that I was very nervous because we were playing well and the score was 0-0. He threw a ball over the crossbar and I saw him go into the tunnel just after the half-time whistle and I thought he was not going to get the shirt.

“But when I walked into the locker room I saw him waiting for me and I was shocked. After the game we meet again and talk. He is a fantastic player and person. For me he is an idol and it was a dream come true. He is my idol and I always dreamed of playing one day on the same field as him. I never thought it would happen so soon. I remember the first game. I went to see him, we talked but unfortunately he couldn’t give me the shirt."

Gyasi also admitted his surprise that Ronaldo remembered him after four months of facing him. He added, "Right before we started, he came up to me and asked ‘Gyasi, how are you? I was in shock. How is it possible that he still remembers me? It surprised me because I couldn’t believe that Cristiano remembered me after so long."