Cristiano Ronaldo labelled 'irritating' days after he criticised Man United team-mates

Ronaldo has been labelled 'irritating' and a 'Prima Donna'
Ronaldo has been labelled 'irritating' and a 'Prima Donna' / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Cristiano Ronaldo has been labelled 'irritating' and a 'Prima Donna' just days after he criticised his Manchester United team-mates, insisting they need to do better.

United are currently placed seventh on the Premier League table and Ronaldo claimed the team should not settle for anything less than a top three position. Liverpool are currently third, and are 11 points ahead of the Red Devils.

The 36-year-old also appeared to hit out at his team-mates for being unable to take advice on board, saying: "If I give you advice, even if you are younger than me, but if that's not in your plan during your daily life then it will be difficult. You can speak all day with that person, but if it's not coming from inside of you then it is impossible.

"But the other people do not accept that if you criticise them - I don't say this generation of our players but in general, I have kids, I know."

While fans on social media were extremely impressed with Ronaldo's comments and dedication towards the team, BBC pundit Garth Crooks said the forward should take his own advice and called him a 'prima donna'.

"Manchester United interim boss Ralf Rangnick wants his players to hold each other to account after Cristiano Ronaldo questioned their mentality," Crooks said in his column.

"Ronaldo has expressed concern about the attitude of some his teammates and suggested it needs to be better for United to be successful this term. I couldn't agree more - and it should start with him. Ever since he returned to Old Trafford the Portuguese international has behaved like a prima donna.

"He may be the star of the show but the constant waving of his hands in the air when events don't go his way - a sign that the crowd's moans and groans regarding United's failures are all down to his team-mates and nothing to do with him - is irritating."