Cristiano Ronaldo joins Man United's WhatsApp group in an attempt to unify dressing room

Cristiano Ronaldo has joined a Man United WhatsApp group in an attempt to unify the Old Trafford dressing room
Cristiano Ronaldo has joined a Man United WhatsApp group in an attempt to unify the Old Trafford dressing room / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly joined a Manchester United WhatsApp group to bond with other players and try to unify the dressing room.

Following Ronaldo's strongly-worded interview with Sky Sports where he called out the younger players, reports emerged of several players claiming the 36-year-old "wasn't approachable", and they'd prefer to speak with Edinson Cavani despite his broke English.

However, according to the Daily Mail, who quote the Sun, Ronaldo has now joined a WhatsApp group consisting of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Elanga, James Garner, and Jesse Lingard in an attempt to bond with the youngsters.

The report claims a source said: "Some of the younger players like to communicate via WhatsApp. They are never off their phones and regularly swap exchanges, send jokes and funny clips and chat about stuff like computer games, fashion trends and music.

"Ronaldo is almost twice the age of some of the members of the group and has four children and a pregnant fiance. His life is very different to the younger ones who are just starting in the game.

"Some are a bit star-struck by him but are really happy he's joined the group and are delighted he is messaging everyone and joining in.

"It makes him much more approachable, especially at a time when some of the younger members of the squad have been struggling with form."

Report earlier this month claimed "cliques" were being formed at United, particularly one comprising of Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Dalot, Fred, and Alex Telles. However, Fred brushed aside the claims, insisting: "The news here, they like fake news.

"There's too much here. It's a lie. It's obvious that we speak Portuguese, we communicate, we have a nice friendship. I'm a good friend of Alex Telles, both on and off the field. I've known him for a long time. So obviously I'm going to be a little friend of his.

"But that doesn't mean I won't talk to Lingard, Rashford, Greenwood, Maguire, the other English people here. On the contrary. We have a super cool friendship here, a super cool dressing room, they're all team-mates.

"We're always dancing in the locker room, whenever we have the team dinner. Now we're not doing that because of Covid-19."