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Bartholomew Ogbeche Shrugs Off Corominas' ISL Record

Mudeet Arora
Ogbeche reveals his objectives for the new ISL season with Hyderabad FC
Ogbeche reveals his objectives for the new ISL season with Hyderabad FC / DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/Getty Images

Hyderabad FC's new signing for the 2021-22 Indian Super League season Bartholomew Ogbeche has revealed that he is not concerned with chasing Ferran Corominas' record of most league goals (48) in history.

Instead, he has stated that all of his focus is on making history with his Hyderabad FC team who will be gunning to make it to the top four this time out after narrowly missing out last season.

Ogbeche moved to Hyderabad FC after winning the ISL title with Mumbai City FC last season. He is the third highest all time goalscorer in ISL history with 35 goals, behind Coro and Sunil Chhetri's 47 goals.

As revealed by the Indian Super League website, who quote his interview with Football United, Ogbeche said, "I don’t go chasing records, to be honest. What is on my mind first and foremost is the team’s success."

He added, "In this case, HFC have never made it to the semis. This time the target is to make the semis, one step at a time. I have no doubt that I will score goals. I just hope that I score many goals, many more than I have scored before in the Hero ISL. And if I happen to match or beat his record, that will be awesome. But chasing records is never on my mind. What on my mind is chasing records with my team; making history with my team."

Revealing whether he is under pressure to perform for Hyderabad FC, Ogbeche said, "I would be lying if I say there is no pressure. Of course, there is pressure. It has to be channelled the right way. It has to add to your motivation, it has to add to your drive of wanting to be successful, the will to win."

Hyderabad FC was seen resorting to a lot of local talents when compared to other teams in the league last season and Ogbeche was impressed by that.

He said, "love playing with the youngsters. I love the youngsters and also guiding them. It’s true that Mumbai City FC had a relatively more experienced squad than that of Hyderabad FC. Last season would have done Hyderabad FC a lot of good. A lot of youngsters [came through] …The thing is having the right balance between the experienced players and the youngsters."

Revealing why he joined Hyderabad FC, Ogbeche said, "I’m excited to be part of the HFC family. A lot of things, what we saw last season, their style of play was really, really attractive. We all fell in love with the way Hyderabad FC surprised everyone."

Finally, appealing to fans for support in the 2021-22 season, Ogbeche concluded, "A huge challenge lies ahead all of us. Making it to the top won’t be possible without you guys. So, we would be needing your support in every way possible."