Arsenal Boss Mikel Arteta Warns 'There Will Be Consequences' for the Mole Who Leaked David Luiz-Dani Ceballos Spat

Nov 21, 2020, 1:24 PM GMT+5:30
Mikel Arteta
Mikel Arteta has vowed to find the leak source and hand out repercussions | Pool/Getty Images

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has warned 'there will be consequences' for the person who leaked details of the training ground bust-up between David Luiz and Dani Ceballos.

The Athletic reported that Luiz was peeved off by a challenge from Ceballos during training and retaliated by smacking the Spaniard in the face, drawing blood in the process. But the Real Madrid loanee took to Twitter and branded the rumours as 'FAKE'.

But Arteta has now admitted that there was a clash - although he insists there is no ‘no problem at all’ between the pair. However, the Gunners boss is not happy that the tiff was made public, and has vowed to investigate exactly how the information was leaked out to the media - holding talks with his players and staff.

“I don’t like the fact that that incident comes out at all,” he said before adding, “I will find out where it is coming from. That goes completely against what I expect from each other, the privacy and the confidentiality that we need, and there will be consequences.”

Asked specifically if he would address staff and if there would be repercussions, Arteta responded simply, "Yes."

This isn't the first time Ceballos has been involved in a clash with a fellow team-mate. Arsenal were preparing for their season opener against Fulham back in September when the Spaniard was involved in a minor confrontation with Eddie Nketiah.

Arteta was asked if it were purely coincidental that Ceballos was involved in another bust-up with a teammate or whether it suggested there was a bigger problem with the midfielder. He said: “Well, whether it's a coincidence or not it doesn't change things much, it's just the competitive levels that we demand and the standards we want to set."

He concluded, “But obviously it's a very thin line, where it's a competitive issue and where it goes somewhere else that we obviously don't support and don't want. But it's a contact sport and incidents are going to happen, it's about how you resolve them within the team and individuals and how you move from there.”