Analysing why Manchester United are leaking goals?

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A look at why United concede so many goals
A look at why United concede so many goals / Catherine Ivill/GettyImages

Why is it that season after season Manchester City, Liverpool and the other top six clubs rack up clean sheets but when it comes to us, Manchester United, we always manage to top the charts for most number of goals conceded from errors?

I believe it has taken a couple of years of the special one, a couple of years of the baby faced assassin and a couple of months of one of the most brilliant German Tacticians for me to finally throw some light as to what I believe to be the chief cause for our leaky defence, no matter the personnel. 

When fans argue and debate over this apparent issue on  social media, they often point out individual errors on the part of the players. As a result, we see rampant abuse directed towards the players responsible for defensive duties to wit, Harry Maguire has been given multiple insulting nicknames, just to give an example. 

I respectfully disagree with this incomplete analysis. 

For the purpose of explaining why we leak so many goals, I would first like to draw your attention towards the other big six clubs in the Premier League. Only in terms of examining a squad on paper, we have a better defence and better defenders than Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea; maybe at par with Liverpool and only inferior to Manchester City. 

I don’t think any justification would be required to point out that Maguire, Rafael Varane and Victor Lindelof together are no less compared to the Spurs and the Arsenal defence. I personally, in my humble opinion, believe that these three United defenders, when reinforced with Eric Bailly have the potential to be better than the Chelsea centre-backs as well, only on paper mind you; and you need only look as far as last to know the reason why I have included Liverpool to be at par with us since we know how horrendously poor they were at the back in the absence of Van Dijk. 

Yet as to why all of these teams perform better than us is easily answerable. 

CDM – Central Defensive Midfielder. 

A central defensive midfielder is all that is missing at Manchester United in order to compete with the league leaders.

Not only do we not have a defensive midfielder among our ranks (except for the aging Nemanja Matic), but we also have somehow managed to lack the common sense to recognize and rectify this issue by signing a defensive midfielder. 

The entire fanbase of Manchester United, ex players of the club who are now pundits on studio shows, ex-players of rival clubs, analysts, commentators, opponent managers, literally everyone recognizes there’s a serious hole in the Red Devils’ defensive midfield.

Yet we falter. Yet we procrastinate. Yet we disappoint. Season after season. Transfer window after transfer window. 

“Attack wins you games. Defence wins you titles.” 

In our case, we have a good defence in terms of personnel. However, what Manchester United’s far-from-football owners fail to comprehend time and time again is the fact that you may lineup with the likes of Maldini, Puyol, Baresi, Nesta, Vidic, Ferdinand, Stam and so on and will still concede so many goals until and unless you have a Vieira or a Keane or a Makelele in front of them. 

And so, another transfer window bites the dust for United. 

A transfer window in which we had the opportunity to find ourselves in a win-win situation with Kamara and Zakaria up for grabs for 50 cents on the dollar. 

I hope United go big on a CDM in the summer, because I don’t know about y’all, but I’m done trying to back Fred and McTominay. 

Written by: Parth Tiwari for the MUSC Red Devils NCR

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