Alan Shearer claims Cristiano Ronaldo is not to blame for Man Utd's issues

Mudeet Arora
Ronaldo is getting increasingly frustrated at Manchester United
Ronaldo is getting increasingly frustrated at Manchester United / Nathan Stirk/GettyImages

Premier League's greatest goalscorer Alan Shearar has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is not to blame for Manchester United's problems.

The Newcastle United legend claims there is a "false narrative" sorrounding the Portuguese star.

Ronaldo has sored 14 goals in 26 games across all competitions after his stunning return back to Old Trafford last summer.

However, United's season hasn't gone to plan with the club unsure of a top-4 spot in the Premier League.

Due to this, there has been a lot of criticism of the United squad and Ronaldo has been singled out multiple times with regards to his effort and attitude.

However, Shearer thinks Ronaldo doesn't deserve that.

During his latest column for The Athletic, the pundit said: "Ronaldo must be thinking; 'What have I walked into'?"

"He is an unbelievable player - one of the greatest to have ever strode the planet - but he is also 37.

"He rallies against being left out or being taken off because the very essence of his make-up is the unparalleled will to win and a determination never to be beaten. He wants to play every single minute of every match and once that attitude goes, Ronaldo goes. But, of course, it also puts pressure on the manager."

Shearer added: "I don't blame Ronaldo for anything that's going on there.

"He has every right to believe that if it wasn't for him they'd be far worse off than they are. He would be correct. Having Ronaldo at the club should be a dream for younger players and if they're not asking him advice and soaking it all up, then they bloody well should be. For me, it's a false narrative.

Stating at the reason why Ronaldo is seen frustrated, Shearer concluded, "The hard questions should be asked about their pathetic defending, or lack of it. Ronaldo isn't making excuses. He's fuming at the chaos and demanding better."