​From Hotspur Way - It almost feels a bit too soon, doesn’t it? 

One of the Premier League’s longest-serving managers removed from his post. And within 12 hours, one of the Premier League’s most decorated managers, greatest villains, biggest characters and most-respected minds, is sitting in the hot-seat at Tottenham. A hot-seat that, in truth, never really had a chance to ever go cold.

Tottenham, right now, are moving at such a rate of knots that it’s difficult to catch a breath. The moment that Mourinho walked into his first press conference on Wednesday, he was met with an almost stunned silence when sitting in front of the world's media. 

"Silence," Mourinho said. "Thinking of some tough questions?"

In reality, the questions were very careful and considered. There were very few low blows or shots at the way in which his time at Manchester United and Chelsea came to an end.

Seeing him sat in front of the banner with the Tottenham crest painted behind him, at times at least, felt like some kind of out-of-body experience. A man that was so often a thorn in Tottenham’s side, and so closely aligned to one of Spurs’ arch-rivals, now sitting in the club tracksuit as the figurehead of the team. 

When asked what Spurs fans should think of his former comments claiming he could never manage ​Tottenham because he was 'Mr Chelsea', he responded that people should see him as 'Mr Club', given that when he has been at any team in the past - from Porto to Inter to Real Madrid to United and, of course, Chelsea - he has fully immersed himself within that team.

Mourinho said: "Every club that I go to, I arrive, I wear the pyjamas of the club, I work and I wear the tracksuit, I am a club man, I decide on my career to have this adventure."

The difficulty will be for Jose Mourinho is whether he can win over the fans quickly. The easiest way to do that is simple, winning.

Spurs fans who have seen their new manager time and again called a ‘serial winner’ will hope that he can bring that insatiable appetite to succeed into a side that so often fallen at the final hurdle. So how will Mourinho improve on what was a fairly difficult period toward the end at ​Manchester United?

"I am humble," he said. "I am humble enough to analyse my career, to look at the problems and solutions…not to blame anyone else."

This is only the second time in Mourinho's career that he has arrived at a team in mid-season. He was careful to say that there is no way that Spurs could win the title this season and that they needed to address their run of form, but in order to do so would need to embrace certain principles that he saw as non-negotiable.

"People that work with you, they have to learn how to share your principles," Mourinho added. "I can't change that in my DNA. One of those principles is that I don’t like to lose. I hope I can influence the players to not be happy unless they win."

Given the accusation that has been levelled against Tottenham in the past - that they are unable to the all-important final step - it will be interesting to see how he sets his side out, and what changes he makes to bring success. Succeed, and his history of managing ​Chelsea and United will become irrelevant. And he's raring to go.

"It’s not easy, but let’s go for it."