3 Reasons Why Jose Mourinho Joining Tottenham Hotspur Is a Good Move

So it has happened. The dominoes were building up to this the moment Tottenham reached the final of the Champions League. With that squad and that budget, it was their pinnacle in terms of achievements in the last four years.

Since then, the dominoes kept falling one after the other and things came crashing down for Mauricio Pochettino as he got sacked last night. Spurs' greatest manager of the modern era couldn’t survive a string of bad results, which just goes to show what a dangerous world this has become to live in.


Tottenham have now brought in Jose Mourinho as his replacement and while most people think they are going to be doomed now, here are three reasons why that won’t be the case…

3. Tottenham Is His Type of Club

Jose Mourinho might give the aura that he is a top club manager but the truth is that he has been more successful at not-so-top clubs. For instance, he won the Champions League with Porto at a time no-one thought they were capable of doing that. 

With Chelsea, he had a team that didn’t have much of a history and at Inter, he was with a team that had only won the Serie A after almost two decades due to the fall of Juventus following the Calciopoli scandal. 

On top of that, the Nerazzurri hadn’t won the Champions League since 1965, so it could be said that Inter, at that point in time, weren’t all that. 

Right now, Spurs find themselves in a place similar to that of the three teams mentioned here. They are always regarded as contenders but fail to take the final step and win something significant – just the type of club Jose Mourinho has been successful at in the past. 

2. Last Chance Saloon

The previous section was about the clubs where Jose Mourinho succeeded but it is the ones where he didn’t achieve the same level of success that have sometimes hurt him. He was sacked from all three of his last jobs and every time, he left on a bad note. 

At Real Madrid, he alienated the most influential players in the dressing room – which is something he also did at his next two clubs. As a result, Mourinho has to address concerns about his man management skills in the recent past and get back to what he was.

At Tottenham, he has one final shot to repair his image and show the world that he is indeed capable of adapting to a different time – which is why he is going to be more motivated than ever before. 

1. A Big Name for Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur have never really had a big name managing them. They found success under Harry Redknapp and Mauricio Pochettino, who, as good as they were, weren’t really world-renowned when they took over the reins at White Hart Lane. 

Meanwhile, Andre Villas-Boas was much-hyped but he, too, was just that as he had only managed Porto and Chelsea by then, and was sacked within a few months at the latter. 

Mourinho is the one true big name that the Lilywhites have been able to poach and his arrival would only put more limelight on the north Londoners. As unsuccessful as he might have been in the recent past, the Portuguese tactician is an attraction – a marketing magnet in his own right. 

Jose Mourinho has been appointed as the manager of Tottenham Hotspur - and here are three reasons why it is a good move...