​Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum has said that he would walk off the pitch if he is subjected to racist abuse. His words came after Excelsior player Ahmad Mendes Moreira suffered from racist abuse in a match against Den Bosch, in a game that ended 3-3.

Moreira retaliated against the chants by walking off the pitch, which also forced the referee to halt the match momentarily. 

After coming back to play, he scored a goal and celebrated in front of Den Bosch fans by cupping his hands to his ears, which prompted their coach Erik van der Ven to label Moreira as a pathetic little man.

Speaking about the incident, Wijnaldum admitted that it affected him on a personal level and vowed to leave the pitch for good if it happened to him.

"It really hit me on a personal level," Wijnaldum told reporters on Monday, as per AS

"I never expected anything like this to happen in the Netherlands. I'm really shocked. It did happen, unfortunately, and the way people have talked about the incident really hurt me.

"It's a problem in society. As a player, you can't really change anything about it. But I still think that players should try and support each other. It's a problem in society and a problem that should be solved by our politicians.

"I walk off the pitch. I'm going for sure. I'll never accept that," he concluded.