​Paris Saint-Germain fans are still not able to digest the fact that their team were knocked out by ​Manchester United in the ​UEFA Champions League round-of-16.

​Their latest accusation towards the Red Devils is that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team's youngster Mason Greenwood's jersey did not contain his proper kit number and letter formatting on the back of his shirt.

In fact, the 17-year-old’s letters and numbers appeared to have been taken from PSG’s club shop as the French side’s badge was visible on the bottom of both numbers on the back of Greenwood’s shirt.

As a result, a group of PSG fans are convinced that United should be forced to give up their place in the quarter-finals for breaking UEFA’s equipment regulations.


​Metro revealed that one PSG fan posted a picture on Instagram and pointed out United’s kit error and said, "Manchester could be disqualified from the Champions League as Greenwood’s numbering was from PSG’s club shop and UEFA’s rules stipulate that all numbering must be identical."

Another fan went on to add, "It’s not bulls****. UEFA’s rules clearly say that numbering must be identical for each player on the same team. But it seems to me impossible for UEFA to apply this rule because we know that they are anti-PSG and we can do nothing about it."

However, PSG fans would be sad to know that UEFA’s regulations only stipulate that a player’s number and lettering should fit within the specified dimensions and that it should be clearly contrasted with the colour of the shirt.

The very fact that Greenwood’s numbers and letting were taken straight from PSG’s Jordan kit which was specifically made for the Champions League, United ensured that they did not fall foul of UEFA’s rules.